A Brief History of Our Company

Plastique Unique, Inc, is the successor of our family owned companies established in 1968 filling the - at that time visible need for plastic injection molding tooling and plastic parts for various industries. We are serving companies from our west-side locations for over 31 years.  

Our mission statement is: "Quality carved in steel...creates Quality in Plastic Parts"™ 

Our ISO 9001 compliant services are provided for a vast array of industries such as Advertising, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Agricultural, Appliances, Automotive, Building & Construction, Computer, Computer Peripherals, Cosmetics, Defense, Display, Electronics, Food Processing, Gaming, Health Care, Household, Lighting, Marine & Diving, Medical, Optical, Photographic, Recreational Vehicles, Sporting Goods, Transportation, Tooling, Toys and many, many more.

Our current and past customers are just to many to list, however here is a small cross-section for your information: Abex/Expose, Allergan, Alpine Electronics, American Appliance, AmSafe, Andiamo Luggage, AirTaser, Balco/Snap-On, Bausch & Lomb, Bennet Respiratory Laboratories, Beverly Hills Concepts, Black & Decker, Body Glove, Bounds Ltd., Brewmatic, Cannon, Capri Lighting, Cedars of Sinai, CEW Research Corp., CheckPoint, Conair, DSK Medical, Doorking, Georgio, Ford Motor Co., Hartman Products, Hayes, Heartbeat Corp., HealthoMeter, InterPlak, Kidder Skies, LA Gear, Lear Jet, Leteron, Mateo, Mastercaft Boat, Mattei, Max Factor, McDonnell Douglas, Monogram Industries, Modulator, Motion Analysis, Mr. Beer, Mr. Coffee, O'Brien Ski's, Oceanic Systems, Old Navy, O.P.I., Orbit Irrigation, Packard Bell, Packaging Corporation of America, PhotoScan, Power Devices, Purex, Practical Peripherals, Prime Star, Revo, Revell, Rockwell Int'I. , Ronco, Rubbermaid, Sears Roebuck & Company, Smith-Corona, Sun Beam Corp., Sunrise MedicaI/Bio-Clinic, Tava Surgical Instruments, Texas Instruments, Thin-Lite Corporation, Thomas Organ, Toro Irrigation, Uniden Corporation, US Dept. of the Treasury, Van R Dental, Vivitar Corp., Zag Industries.... and many more lesser-known companies.

Some well known products having had their beginning in our company are; the Bausch & Lomb Inter-Plack Tooth Brush, - the AirTaser, Laser Defense System - the American Electric, Food Processor - the Ronco Industries, Clean Air Machine, just to mention a few.